Shaders control the color and appearance of meshes in your scene. Click the Shaders icon to access the shaders menu:

To apply a shader to a mesh in the scene, drag it from the menu onto the mesh. To set the default Shader (the one that will be applied to all new meshes), drag it into the viewport window, but not onto a mesh (i.e. drag it to the scene background).

There are a couple of special shaders:

  • The "globes" represent Texture Shaders, which will render texture-mapped objects. The darker globe has scene lighting applied, whereas the lighter one does not (use the lighter one if your texture has baked-in lighting.)
  • The checkerboard sphere is a UV Shader. This one just shows the UV coordinates of the mesh, if they exist.
  • The sphere with the red bottom is the Overhang Shader, which shows regions of the object that might need supports when 3D printed (for more details see the overhangs tool.)